Voice Actor • Writer • Artist • Producer

I’m Mona Marshall!

Who is Mona Marshall? I ask myself that, but it is constantly changing, because, like most of us, I am constantly changing. The world has an impact on me, just like I have an impact on it.

Everything I am and do is evolving and that requires being present, in the moment. So, as an actor, writer, artist, and member of the human race, my goal is to make the world a little bit better and sometimes that’s just getting out of my own head and smiling at someone.

Voices for Fun

Want some voice over tips? I record new tips and tricks every week! Click below to watch.

The Adventures of Puss 'N Dick

Enjoy my weekly web comic, The Adventures of Puss ‘N Dick—A Survivor’s Guide to Relationships. Recommended for ages 18 and older.

Art Works Creations by MALKI/Mona

I make balsa and wire sculpture earrings and pendants. Each one is one of a kind, so if you buy one, there is never another one like it!