Super heroes fascinate us. Just look at the entertainment culture; it’s filled with good and noble beings with extraordinary powers vanquishing nefarious enemies who, if they had their way, would destroy the world. It is the super hero’s job to stop the evil and save all of us from an unhappy ending. It’s a perfect solution for all the problems in a fantasy world that seems real, but, alas, is not.

In this time of uncertainty, when the world seems to be out-of-control, and each of us can feel so powerless, the thought of a super hero who can save the day is not only an engaging and uplifting diversion, it is a fulfilling, although temporary, way to feel courageous and powerful. The problem is, of course, it’s not real.

Although, I appreciate the technique that goes into making the genre of the super hero drama, it is not my favorite type of entertainment. Recently, I tried to watch one of these movies, and after a few minutes, turned it off. Since so many of my friends liked this particular film, I began to question why I didn’t care for it. Suddenly it hit me.

I am surrounded by real life examples of a Wonder Woman. They are women whose super powers are strength, tenacity, grace and humility. Their “Superness” and “Wonder” are found in the way they live their lives and interact with others. I find the realness of that not only inspiring but awesome. The powers they weld assist them in performing remarkable deeds.

The first “Wonder Woman” is a long time friend. We met when I was a young adult. Her children were grown and had left home. My mother died when I was a young teen so in the beginning she provided me with the objective view from someone who has lived longer and walked through some of the same situations that I was then facing. Throughout the years, our friendship has grown and blossomed into something strong and enduring. Her practical wisdom has helped me and so many others face countless demons that have unexpectedly appeared in our lives. The counsel she has kindly given not only has helped us keep our various and individual monsters at bay, but has also provided the insight on how they could be destroyed. Her own battles, the murder of one grown son many years ago and the death of her remaining son and her loving husband within fourteen months of each other, just five years ago, never kept her from being there for others. She is a Wonder Woman.

The ability to read the body and empathize emotionally is the super power of the next Wonder Woman. We met years ago when she was the instructor and creator of a class I was taking which combined dance and exercise. Even then I knew she was a healer. Any one who could make body movement exciting and doable for me is definitely special. Later, working full time, she studied and became an accredited doctor of Oriental medicine and has restored many bodies back to health with acupuncture, herbs, and later, cranial sacral work. Her healing skills have continued to grow. In an effort to show people how to wage their own battles against the evils of pollution, GMO riddled foods, and general world chaos, she also teaches meditation and a has developed form of body awareness called Cellular Yoga. But, what is truly amazing, is that she has accomplished this while also caring for her critically ill husband, who needs attention 24/7. Despite this, she is still  focused and totally present for her patients and her friends, and sometimes even herself as an incredible health warrior. She is a Wonder Woman!

What do you do when your brilliant and talented husband, who is bi-polar, refuses to get help, digs your family into a hole of debt because of compulsive spending, won’t pay taxes, and ignores offers for work that would provide support for your teen-age  daughter?

The next wonder woman did the following.

She (A ) drew on her super powers of tenacity and resourcefulness to hold down three jobs with no day off so she could climb out of debt, while

(B) making time and finding ways to get her child involved in activities that feed her creativity and self-esteem, as she

(C) dealt with the government to make good on her taxes, all the while

(D) becoming one of the best writers of anime to hit the genre.

She did that for about 10 years and watched her daughter successfully navigate through high school and college, and payed off the government & debt. She was so outstanding at her primary job that she received salary raises that allowed her to quit the other two jobs, and still remain a caring parent, co-worker and friend. She is a Wonder Woman.

Only those close to these Wonder Women know how wonderfully super they are. My good luck! I know all three. They inspire me every day in so many ways. I’ve had a front row seat to their extraordinary success in facing and conquering some of life’s meanest “villains.” I have learned how to be a better person by watching them in action, and my greatest hope is that by observing and learning from their super powers, I am discovering some of my own.

What about you? Is there a Wonder Woman in your life? Who inspires you to find and use your super powers? Drop me a line here and let me know. We learn from each other.