I am of the generation that did not grow up with computers, let alone cell phones. Although after learning to use both, I must say I am grateful because they’ve become remarkable aids in helping me in my personal and professional life. For years I refused to text. As time passed and the rates went down and more of the directors I work for used texting, I acquiesced and have been using it for quite some time.
I have found this little texting tool to be both a curse and a blessing, depending not on it, but on how I use it. It’s usually common sense, but sometimes, I need a reminder.   So for my own edification, and maybe yours, I put forth the following:

  1. Texting answers to business questions in a timely manner –


  1. Texting answers to social questions about anything from addresses to arrival times or sending cool pictures –

EXCEPT: When Driving or Walking.
It’s tempting to return a text when I’m driving. That firm compelling voice in the car reads texts to me, and I so want to answer them. BUT, doing so could create a much bigger problem than someone having to wait for an answer. And, thank All-Be, it’s now illegal.
Every now and then, I’m walking Emma Sue and she’s busy sniffing every leaf, blade of grass and tree trunk and I get a text. Perfect, I think, and then proceed to text and walk. But maybe it’s not perfect. BECAUSE… there are uneven sidewalks and seed pods to slip on, cars to not see when I’m crossing a street, and wonderful moments to be missed with my precious four-legged friend when I’m too busy returning a text.

  1. Texting important statements to others: break-ups, proposals, deaths…basically anything that requires eye contact.


  1. Texting body parts for non-medical reasons. Well…, personally, I’d rather see these things live and from one with whom I share true and multi-level intimacy rather than have them available for the world, but everyone has their own ideas about this. However, once those texts are out there, they can come back to bite us on the butt!

Nothing really too puzzling here. But lately, there is one kind of texting that brings me serenity and a sense of belonging to something beyond myself. Every morning before my day really gets started, I like to think about the various people who help give my life more meaning. I do see these people from time to time, but not as much as I’d like. One day, when one of them came into my mind , I decided to reach out to this person to let them know I was thinking about them. So, sitting quietly on my meditation rocker, I sent a short text wishing them a good day. When they responded in a sweet, positive way, I felt energized by the connection. Now, every morning as my thoughts embrace the different people I have the good fortune to know, I send some of them a text. It’s a loving way to stay connected with care.

  1. Texting a few thoughtful words to someone –

A GREAT way to start the day.