Life is a journey and we roam,

Looking for fortune away from home.

Hoping to find riches that can ease our mind

We can search far and wide

What we seek is inside

Open your heart; see it’s true

The treasure in life is you.

In Southern California the fires have taken so much from people.  On the national front there is chaos and every other day there is news about one more person using a position of power to force others to comply to what the “powerful” person wants.  Yet, even with all these events, we see people stepping up and helping each other get through all of these horrific experiences.  
Difficult circumstances either bring out the worst or the best in us.  I am fortunate to know so many people who, even though they are going through difficult times, demonstrate courage and kindness.  They are my teachers.  Learning to live my life in a better more productive way has come from the strangers and friends who show me through example how to be a descent human being.
With the holidays of the season fast approaching, I am reminded of how much the symbol of light is used to represent something beyond us and yet within us, too. Whether it’s the light to keep candles glowing so a place of worship can be built or the light from a star marking the way for a great spiritual celebration; Light is the symbol that evokes Power that can transform us, if we believe it can do so.  That belief, then requires action.  Action to reach out to others as that Power has reached out to me.
So, this year, I have my checklist to help me do just that.

  1. Be patient: That car that cut me off, might be in a hurry to get to a hospital to see a loved one who’s suddenly fallen ill.
  2. Smile: Especially when I’m waiting line at the store (or any where else).  If I have to wait anyway, why not be pleasant?  Many good conversations have started just that way and my mood gets so much better.
  3. Lend a hand: If someone needs help and I can help, I do it!  The best gift to me is helping others.  It’s so uplifting to not constantly thinking about me!
  4. Use Magic Words: Remember the magic words I learned growing up:  “Please, thank-you, you’re welcome, excuse me.”  It’s amazing how just being polite can change my grumpy feelings into ones of joy.
  5. Count my blessings:  My heart grows lighter just by concentrating on what I have, instead of what I don’t.

It’s amazing to discovery the treasure I find just by remembering and taking the action to do those 5 simple, but not always easy actions. It puts the Light right back in my days…and nights.