After I finished recording last week’s Voices For Fun on my YouTube Channel, I began to reflect on the ideas I had discussed. In the 2 minute video I briefly addressed the three different types of core within each of us:

  1. The Core of Breath
  2. The Core of Mind
  3. The Core Of Being.

These actually refer to body, mind and spirit and I feel my best when I’m nurturing them. This idea is actually the foundation of The Power Of Together. When the body, mind and spirit work in harmony, we gain strength, creativity and insight. And that is POWERFUL! Only when we are in balance with ourselves can we then work best with others.

Breath/Body – We take it for granted, right? Unless we get sick and breathing becomes a struggle, or we have demands placed on our voice, and it begins to get tired and hoarse. Occasionally, I have both those challenges. My voice is essential for my work. It is well worth my time, energy and money to keep the muscles that support the breath that supports the voice in shape. Yoga (thank you Yoga Blend) and Pilates keep me going, even when the going gets tough. One of the great side benefits is that these two disciplines also help me stay healthy, and controlling the breath provides me with the means to slow down my heart rate until I find the serenity that helps me stay sane.

Mind – In the core of the mind there is magic, Mind Magic. Here is where ideas are born and, like magic, (with a lot of effort and some luck) can materialize into books or scripts, artwork or characters, or amazing ideas that can come alive. In the midst of this magic new thoughts emerge to help me make wiser choices or take better actions. But what feeds this Mind Magic? I find the best “meal” is reading or watching something that makes me think and feel, especially if it gives me insight or new understanding, Spirit – With the world chaotically spinning around us, and the various news outlets hammering on about how awful life is, I need quiet time for reflection. Meditation in some form helps me gain new perspective. Sometimes that happens when I sit or lie quietly or enjoying a stroll in the park with my four-legged tail-wagger. But, paradoxically, it can also be trying something new and walking through the fear that’s been holding me back. Maybe it’s taking a workshop or doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Or listening to a different type of music. Or taking a stand for something I believe can make a difference.

All of that feeds the spirit!

Working together, these three cores merge, integrating body, mind and spirit, we individuals become more balanced and actuated. So, The Power Of Together actually begins with each of us. And when that happens, we gain strength.The kind of strength that has real and enormous power. That power, combined with a worthy cause, can become world changing.

One of the blogs I read that helps me stay in balance and always gives me insight and a sense of power is Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper. She refers to it as being “ A paper for people with passion and purpose.” It certainly feeds my mind and spirit. Maybe it will feed yours, too.

If you have someone or something that helps keep your body, mind and spirit in tune and in balance, leave a comment here. We learn from each other.