One of the definitions of synergy is “the combined effort being greater than it’s parts.” The more conscious I am of this, the more I see it manifested. This vision leaves me with hope and a sense of invigoration; two elements that help me navigate through the chaos in the world. Recently I’ had three occasions to really observe this.

  1. Last week, I performed on a looping session with a talented group of my peers on the animated film, Hotel Transylvania 3, coming out this July. Although you hear horror stories about some actors being competitive and insecure, in all my years of work, this is rarely the case. This group supported one another, helping each other spot synch (the words matching the mouth movements of the various onscreen characters) and cheering (literally) for each one who was at the microphone doing specific characters. Of course it helps when you have a group leader who is prepared and relaxed. Ours was and has always been one of the best in the business. I’m fortunate that almost all of the loop group leaders I’ve worked with are organized and outstanding in finding the right mixture of voices for each production. They are calm, even if the situation in the control room gets tense, and treat each of us with care and respect and expect the same kind of professionalism in return. A good loop group gives added dimension to movies; a small, but important part of making a good film even better. To be an effective leader of one of these groups takes a special kind of talent, tenacity and personality.
  2. The woman who does my hair is truly creative. I’ve been going to her for over, uh…many, many years, following her from Studio City to Thousand Oaks. I go there early on a Saturday morning and that lovely drive, with almost no traffic and time to think, is well worth missing a few hours of sleep. Not only does Amy Merryfield work magic with cuts and color, she listens to what her clients want and need. She’s also honest, without being unkind. During my time in the chair, we talk about all kinds of subjects- everything from skin care to economics to how to communicate an idea without getting too caught up emotionally. She’s watched me over the years as I’ve developed my animation concept, Adventures Of Puss ‘N Dick-A Survivor’s Guide To Relationships, and she and some of her other clients I’ve met over the years have given me encouragement simply by their caring and interest. My hair and I depend on her, because the amount of time we spend with each other (my hair and I) preparing for the day is usually under 5 minutes, so I need an attractive style that is basically, wake up, fluff up and go! It’s amazing how much energy is added to my day, simply by not having to fuss with my hair. A dependable “do” makes me feel attractive and that helps give me confidence. So, when I record VoicesFor Fun or I’m talking to fans on Unlocked (the app), or on Instagram, or going to auditions or jobs, or reading to kids, I’m able to be present and give more focus to whatever I’m doing.
  3. My good friends and I have discussions about a myriad of subjects that are important to us. These verbal interactions can get passionate, very passionate. They give me a chance to examine my own point of view in more depth. Perhaps, more importantly, they give me a chance to see someone else’s. Sometimes this newly discovered depth of understanding brings me a realization that results in a shift in the way I perceive something. This is an “Ah Ha!” moment, and if it is profound enough, it impacts how I live. Because I am a writer and performer, it also impacts what and how I am communicating.

In my actions, speech and attitude I affect others, and others affect me. This is synergy; it is the Power Of Together, it is the means by which change can and will happen. It may seem small, but multiplied by all the MEs and YOUs, the energy generated may be able to move a mountain of ignorance and corruption. Change for the better is possible. Synergistically, it makes good sense.

What is your synergy story? I’d like to hear it. Leave your message here. We learn from each other.