Awareness comes to me is so many ways, but perhaps the most impactful is through my friends. Several years ago I had the good fortune to meet and become friends with Tamora Pellikka, a truly kind young woman and gifted, versatile singer who can masterfully render anything from opera to pop.

Part of the reason we were drawn to each other is our common interest in finding ways to help others, especially children. As our friendship grew, I was invited to hear Tamora sing at several concerts around L.A. I was quite impressed with the beauty, richness and range of her voice. This admiration grew when I had the opportunity to hear her recording of the song Hit By Lightning, written by Amy Pine, a renowned psychotherapist specializing and inspired by survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The recording is so powerful I am still moved to tears every time I hear it.

Our lives can change in a moment. Finding support and understanding to get through the aftermath of these profound changes is paramount.
Hit By Lightning is an anthem, and now an online movement, for how the human spirit CAN and DOES survive the very worst events, most specifically sexual abuse. The people who have created the song are reaching out to the survivors’ of sexual trauma to help them do exactly what the song suggests: cast off shame and discover the strength they have within to find power and freedom, supported by the realization that they are not alone.

How? The song Hit By Lightning has spawned a website,, which provides survivors’ of sexual abuse a format to speak their truth, discard the shame and give others the courage and strength in unity to do the same. As a strong and affective adjunct to the #Me Too and #TimesUp movements, Hit By Lightning provides a format for catharsis to those abused and a means of heightening awareness on a global level to insure that change regarding sexual abuse takes place.
So, what can we do to support this project?

  1. If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual abuse & feel inspired to share your process of releasing the shame around this trauma, create a 45 second video of yourself speaking about: The moment you were able to let go of the shame OR they key aspect to your healing process. Then email it to:
  2. Follow the social media accounts: Instagram: @hitbylightningprojet; Facebook: /hblproject
  3. Visit the website and donate whatever you can.

We learn from and help each other to heal and grow. Together we have the power to change the world.