As 2018 begins it’s third week, I’ve been pondering what my intentions are for this new year. Although this is not something I systematically do, I thought this year it would help me to see my objectives in print. Some of them are a continuation of what I’m already doing and some of them are new. I’ve divided them into personal and professional even though each strongly impacts the other.

  1. Prayer and Meditation. The first helps me think about others and reminds me that seeking guidance rather than giving orders keeps me open to life’s possibilities. The second reminds me to actually listen and take action when indicated, even if that action is to change my attitude.
  2. Exercise. Fortunately, I’ve been doing some form of exercise for years. Yoga: 2 or 3 times a week; Pilates: 1 or 2 times a week; walking: 1-3 miles a day and hopefully I will increase that with our elliptical. When I move my body, it not only helps me with stamina and breathing, it gives me energy and stimulates my thought processes. This is just what I need for voice over and my work on Adventures Of Puss ‘N Dick-A Survivor’s Guide To Relationships, Voices For Fun and Art Works By MALKI/Mona.
  3. Taking Time to be present for my husband, friends, business associates and fans. Nurturing relationships is important. My interactions with people keep me inspired, and without inspiration, life isn’t as joyful.
  4. Healthy Nutrition. Most people close to me know I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. As a teen, I weighed 205 pounds, not once but twice. Fortunately, I don’t weigh nearly that much today, but I do have some unnecessary pounds to shed. Thanks to Weight Watchers and their eating plan that directs people toward healthy eating and healthy relationships with food, I have lots of help to reach and maintain the goal of a healthy weight. Once I do, I can continue using Weight Watchers support for free!
  5. Mind Stimulation. Read/watch/write something daily that makes me think.


  1. Voice Acting: Continuing doing as much work as possible.
  2. Conventions: My goal is to do more of them this year. My agent, Arlene Thornton and Associates, will be handling these.
  3. Continue creating Adventures Of Puss ‘N Dick-A Survivor’s Guide To Relationships with the artistic talents of Ani Karoglanyan and the social media savvy and support of Yasmeen Al-shawwa. We three make a good team, and this year, starting in mid-February we’ll be adding some fun changes which will get us closer to becoming an animation series.
  4. The Launching and Maintenance of my new website: Original Art Works By MALKI/Mona and signed character sheets will be available for sale. Private online voice lessons will be available as well.
  5. The Continuation of Voices For Fun. It is my pleasure to offer these weekly Youtube tips on how to use the voice more effectively.
  6. More Communication With Care Workshops. My friend and outstanding Family and Marriage counselor, Marsha Lewis and I will be offering several workshops this year. Effective communication is necessary and many of us have difficulty getting heard by the people in our lives who are the most important to us: partners, bosses, employees, children and parents. Our goal is to give those attending these workshops some tools to make Communication With Care a viable reality.

Well, that’s it for me. What about you? What are some intentions you want to work on in 2018 to impact your life and the lives of others? Your comments are important. We learn from sharing with each other.
Have a wonderful week.