Well, most of us have survived this last year. Some major changes are taking place because women are beginning to feel the power they have when they band together in support of one another. And not just women. Conscientious men are waking up to what’s been ignored or swept under “business couches” for as long as there has been “business” to do. “Time’s Up” means what it says and says what it means. It’s over. It’s done. The paradigm is changing; change with it or be left shattered in its wake.
While the #TimesUp campaign aims to end sexual harassment in the workplace, I believe it to be something even bigger. Because I believe that it is “Time’s Up” in many other areas as well.
Time’s up for the hunger in the streets of first world countries.
Time’s up for gender pay gaps in the workplace.
Time’s up for downsizing, particularly in billion dollar corporations that fire perfectly loyal & capable employees, just to hire a younger person who can perform 2-3 people’s jobs for the price of one
Time’s up for lack of basic needs, such as shelter, in a world, country, or city where others are living with more money than they will ever need in their lifetime.
What could combat all of these?
To start, the power of TOGETHER can.
Let’s focus on one subject in more detail: homelessness and poverty. If we were to work TOGETHER to solve the very basic needs of food, shelter, and safety, how would that look?
Here is what I visualize:

  1. The Buildings: Older buildings across the country could be refurbished by the people who need places to live. With skilled volunteers who know plumbing, electricity, carpentry, etc. teaching the unskilled, the work gets done. The end result is places for people to live who now have the skills to help maintain the structure.
  2. Creating Shared Vegetable and Flower Gardens within the housing structure’s grounds to provide food for the people living there, who would maintain them.
  3. Play Areas and Child Care which could be started by volunteers with skills in these areas, who could then teach those skills to the residents. This could also include after school activities to give kids direction and motivation.
  4. Rebuilding of Roads and Bridges. Since these need immediate care, once again, the skilled can teach the unskilled and get the job done. Child Care is provided within the housing structure, freeing up work time for the parents.
  5. Other skills, from Medical to Beauty, could also be provided by volunteers and residents.

Where would the money come from to do this? Some from bonds, but maybe it’s time for big business to provide some charitable gifts and make up for some of the corporate greed that’s created some of the problem.
There are much wiser more knowledgeable minds out there that can figure out how this could be workable. But thinking differently about the solution for our homeless problem could be a beginning.
TOGETHER is where the power really is. In our communities, cities, counties, states, and country. Maybe Time’s Up for our old ideas to make room for the new. That, of course, means putting aside our differences and listening to one another and believing that solutions can be found. It’s easy to complain and voice our anger; not so easy to create solutions. Are we up to this task? I believe we are. How about you? Your constructive comments are welcome. We learn from each other!