Every week, I feature one project, organization, person or inspiring concept that embodies the idea that humanity is more POWERful when we work TOGETHER for the greater good. Catch my blog every Tuesday, and feel free to reach out if you know a cause that you believe should be highlighted on The Power of Together.


Santa Barbara- A home away from home

By definition a haven is a refuge. My home is my haven. It’s the place where I live, love and do lots of my work. I am not a traveler, except for my work, and most of my excitement comes from my brain when I create, or my senses when I process the world around me....

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The Toddler Imp

I don’t know about you, but sometimes being human is just plain hard. This becomes particularly noticeable when something unpleasant and unexpected happens. This kind of activity causes the toddler-like imp creature that lives in my brain and sleeps most of the time...

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One of the definitions of synergy is “the combined effort being greater than it’s parts.” The more conscious I am of this, the more I see it manifested. This vision leaves me with hope and a sense of invigoration; two elements that help me navigate through the chaos...

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A Lesson In Compassion

It’s amazing how television can influence us. What comes at us from that rectangle can be mind-numbing, suppressing the emotions and bringing out the worst in us, or it can also enlighten, uplift and inspire.

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From Change Comes Unexpected Beauty

After some quiet time on Sunday mornings, my husband and I enjoy watching the news magazine show Sunday Morning On CBS, now hosted by the gracious Jane Pauley. We’ve sipped our coffee, watching and discussing the subject matter of hundreds of shows going back to when...

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Finding Meaning In The Absurdity

Bullying has gone way beyond what it was in my high school days. Because smart phones and the internet were not even a remote thought in anyone’s mind, (except for maybe Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry), a biting, nasty “put down” in my teen years by a few kids felt like a sharp slap across the face.

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Life Force – The Indomitable Human Spirit

Life is full of so many stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Of course the media is filled with many of these “big” stories about people overcoming horrific physical or emotional challenges…

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Manifestations of the Power of Together

Recently a friend of mine went to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and when we met for coffee she preceded to tell me about an outstanding documentary Skid Row Marathon (which later won the Audience Choice Award).

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