Every week, I feature one project, organization, person or inspiring concept that embodies the idea that humanity is more POWERful when we work TOGETHER for the greater good. Catch my blog every Tuesday, and feel free to reach out if you know a cause that you believe should be highlighted on The Power of Together.


Finding Meaning In The Absurdity

Bullying has gone way beyond what it was in my high school days. Because smart phones and the internet were not even a remote thought in anyone’s mind, (except for maybe Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry), a biting, nasty “put down” in my teen years by a few kids felt like a sharp slap across the face.

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Life Force – The Indomitable Human Spirit

Life is full of so many stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Of course the media is filled with many of these “big” stories about people overcoming horrific physical or emotional challenges…

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Manifestations of the Power of Together

Recently a friend of mine went to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and when we met for coffee she preceded to tell me about an outstanding documentary Skid Row Marathon (which later won the Audience Choice Award).

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Looking to Change Some Minds

One of my favorite places to get together with friends over great coffee or a delicious meal is the Basecamp/High Horse Dinette in Burbank near the Equestrian Center on the corner of Riverside Drive and Mariposa.

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Back to Balance

Most of this week I was planning on writing about finding balance as the paradigm continues to shift in the never ending and constantly changing relationships of men and women, but then life hit me with an emotional body slam that was much more personal. If you read...

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Well, most of us have survived this last year. Some major changes are taking place because women are beginning to feel the power they have when they band together in support of one another. And not just women. Conscientious men are waking up to what’s been ignored or...

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As 2018 begins it’s third week, I’ve been pondering what my intentions are for this new year. Although this is not something I systematically do, I thought this year it would help me to see my objectives in print. Some of them are a continuation of what I’m already...

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Give Kindness; Leave The Germs Behind

  As I write this I am slowly recovering from a particularly nasty and persistent sinus infection and what, I hope, is the end of a slight case of the flu. With all the various germs flying around these days and the weather throughout the country being so odd,...

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A Way to Say Thank You

Many years ago, not too long after we were married, Sal and I were talking about how fortunate we are to have some really lovely and caring friends. As summer began to flow into fall that year, we would periodically pick up the thread of this conversation. Finally one...

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