A Poem inspired by a passionate horticulturist, dedicated to all of us who strive to keep our emotional gardens growing and glowing every day.  Thank you.

In Molandia…

A garden strives to grow each day

But wicked Bind Weed gets in the way.

It spreads tangled destruction pushing with might

Leaving plants hopeless, deprived of sunlight.

Bind Weed aggressively chokes off the air

Plants start to fail, fraught with despair.

There is no mercy; Bind Weed smothers with fear,

With negativity dug up from yesteryear.

Plants try not to hear, but Bind Weed’s persistent

Calling up past mistakes as a cunning assistant.

“The garden is useless, it’s never worthwhile!”

Bind Weed insists with a sneer and a smile.

Who can help this garden? What can be done?

Is this a battle the Bind Weed has won?

Bind Weed rests; it’s finished its deeds.

But Mona, the gardener is planting new seeds

This time the Bind Weed will be kept at bay.

By taking positive action every day!

She knows the Bind Weed is sure to come back.

This time she’s determined to fend off the attack.

She examines the garden with introspection,

She asks for help and is ready for direction.

A thought comes racing into her mind

Inspiration to combat the Weed called Bind!

There’s a plant called Bee Balm, strong and healing.

It can stand up to Bind Weed; now, that’s appealing.

It comes into the garden; kindness is its power

With hard work and nourishment, the plants begin to flower.

Sure enough the Bind Weed starts to appear

This time the plants have nothing to fear.

Bee Balm is ready with action and Light

Prepared with the knowledge of doing what’s right.

The taunts and lies that “Weedy” tries to spread,

Are ignored by the plants that believe Bee Balm instead.

The plants, renewed with love, reach for the sun

Bind Weed is conquered, Healing Bee Balm has won!

So if your garden is feeling the “Bind.”

Remember to use Bee Balm; it’s a wonderful find.

It can trample the negative with the power of kind.

Used daily and faithfully, it brings peace of mind.